Our Mission, Vision, and Values


To create a community of hospitality by offering refuge and restoration on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The mission of our El Pueblo Program is to be a force for justice and compassion for the Hispanic and Latino community in South Mississippi.


Ours is a community of hospitality and healing where there is hope for the hopeless, peace for the weary, and refuge for all.

We envision a Mississippi Gulf Coast where the marginalized are embraced and equipped with the tools they need to participate fully in society, where the excluded and the included engage in relationships of mutual respect, and where both become agents of positive change in the larger community.   



  • Human Dignity: We recognize and affirm the inherent worth of every individual.
  • Justice: Every person has the right to equity, consistency and fairness, in all things
  • Moral Responsibility: We will respond with action and passion to the needs and injustices we see in our community and in our world.
  • Solidarity: Engaging in the struggles of our neighbors will bring about a just society.
  • Empowerment: Every individual should be equipped with the tools to exercise self-determination and become an agent of positive change in the community.


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