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El Pueblo is an active, vital organization helping immigrant communities along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This blog is where we write what's on our mind, what we're doing, or anything else that we think you'd be interested in knowing about our organization's current activities.

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I maintain the technical side of the website - layout, postings, etc. Content is managed by the full-time staff of El Pueblo.
Nov 18, 2010

Newsletter Published

Dear Friends,

 Our latest newsletter, Por la Costa, has been published and put on the website.  Check it out.

October - December 2010 Newsletter


The  El Pueblo Staff

Nov 04, 2009

The New Look

As you can see, El Pueblo's website has undergone a bit of a transformation.  Over the coming days, we'll continue to tweak and improve content for the site.  We'll continue to add photos and keep you appraised of our fundraising efforts.  Please provide comments on the new look, or just drop a line to say hi.

- The El Pueblo Staff

This is El Pueblo's blog, where we'll provide regular reflections and commentary.  For now, we're keeping our first entry short and simple.

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